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Personal Training & Nutrition

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The Right Start

The first session with your trainer will begin only after your testing has been completely evaluated during the assessment process.  You will be given the opportunity to establish your personal goals and your performance needs based on ROM/Flexibility testing, General Movement and Gait Analysis as well as assessing your cardiovascular needs. Our testing is the starting point for our experienced trainers to design a personalized corrective and performance-enhancing program that will address your needs as well as your goals. Members can work with their trainer on a full-time, part-time or periodic schedule based on their interest, time, and finances.


Personal Training

When it comes to your health we know you have particular needs, frustrations and preferences.  We turn each member’s distinctiveness into a training advantage. Our trainers are masters at creating customized workouts that align with your personality as well as help you reach your physiological and biomechanical needs and goals. It’s a motivating and effective approach that helps you see the aesthetic and performance enhancements you desire in the shortest possible time.



We customize your daily food and nutritional intake.  Our “approach” is realistic and practical and combined with a healthy eating program custom fit to your daily routine. Supplementation can also play a key role in a healthy nutritional program.  

Most supplementation we supply you is Isotonic; meaning it has the same concentration of solutes as the blood. We focus on your unique supplementation requirements by conducting genic testing. We make you a custom cocktail which is carefully formulated based on a thorough analysis of your diet, lifestyle and genetics. Combining up to 17 isotonic products, your Isotonic Custom Cocktail helps you achieve optimal nutrient intake.  With your personalized health recommendations from the Genetic Analysis and your work from personalized supplement recommendations, there is no more guesswork.

With our programs you will develop habits that will last a lifetime.     



Testing must be conducted prior to initiating program $199.00 Click here

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