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About Vitality

Vitality was created to give clients comprehensive testing, solutions and tools to achieve and maintain peak performance and vibrant health. Our approach to fitness, weight loss, non medical cosmetic therapy, hormone therapy, testosterone therapy, athletic enhancement and over all wellness, gives the health solutions and prevention that are needed to be successful. Vitality offers the key ingredients to start the transition to peak health and make significant difference in client’s lives.

vitality-vo2-facebook-cover-3.jpgVitality gives you the information and tools that can help to prevent and reverse chronic illness, create a more youthful body, face and outlook, and an overall state of well being. Vitality helps you stay on track through on-going monitoring and education. So whether you are currently struggle with a chronic illness, concerned with your overall health, or looking to reach peak performance or trying to gain your youthful look, Vitality Testing, cosmetic care and solutions can get you on the right starting blocks and guide you throughout the race to peak health and vitality. 


Our Services can include:

successfull guidance in: weight loss program, premium wellness services, cosmetic solutions, nutrition program, exercise program, hormone therapy, continuos analysis and testing.


Our Staff

Our staff is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of care possible. Vitality Heart & Fitness offers a staff that is knowledgeable and can answer any of your questions or concerns

Our Medical Directors focus in age management medicine and are board certified.  We aim to battle fatigue, lack of motivation, changes in mood with episodes of depression, change in body composition, decrease sex drive, sexual dysfunction and an over all over all quality of life.. 


Our Practice Managers have years of experience in the medical industry and the knowledge base of all the intricacies of this business. Our Practice Managers will be your contact person for both new and established clients. Practice Managers will directly communicate with all clients via email or other preferred line of communication.

Our Staff has the ability to not only provide you with education on nutrition but also provide you with your very own recipes, meal plans and even your very own privatized wellness and fitness portal. "My Life Portal" will provide you with live information on your personal fitness, exercise, nutrition and mental coaching. "My Life Portal" is available to you from any mobile device or via internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This allows you to have a detailed and closely monitored nutrition program. In an addition we offer a very aggressive and closely monitored weight loss program using HCG.

We have Registered Cardiac Sonographers that will be performing your limited echocardiogram as well as your Carotid IMT”

We have experienced technicians that provide both, true body age testing and VO2 Max testing.

We provide you with access to highly touted personal trainers to create additional support.

Healthy lifestyle choices provide the solutions for addressing other health concerns and symptoms, such as: 

  • Fatigue
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Pain
  • Low sex drive
  • Stress-related symptoms
  • Poor memory or lack of mental clarity
  • Emotional unrest



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